Høje Gladsaxe Tapestry

This social art project was made in collaboration between artist Stine Linnemann and the social enterprise I Tråd Med Verden (ITMV) based in Høje Gladsaxe. ITMV works with marginalised women, trying to help them towards entering the job market, through craft projects and creative collaborations.

Høje Gladsaxe is an area with a mixed reputation with a lot of social housing. The aim of this project, was to create a textile art piece that would reflect the experience of being in this area, rather than the media’s often quite negative portrayal of it. Stine worked closely with a small group of women from  ITMV, leading them through the whole design proces, with several research trips by foot, investigating and looking at the familiar space with fresh eyes. The tapestry is consists of a digitally printed background on a wool crepe and is hand-embroidered by Stine and the team, along with a handful of volunteers.

Today the tapestry is available to the public in the local culture house Telefonfabrikken in Gladsaxe.