Bispebjerg is the area of Copenhagen, where the least amount of people vote in the local elections. In an effort to change this trend, the local council had a larger project aimed at informing people of the upcoming election and their options on how to vote.

I collaborated with local illustrator Rikke Jensen, who is locally well known for her beautiful artworks of buildings in the neighbourhood. She allowed me to create line drawings from her works and I put them together to create a sort of graphic remix of her art. The purpose of the design, was to make it colouring friendly.

Together we hosted three colouring workshops at the library on Rentemestervej, which was one of the designated mail-voting spots in Copenhagen, allowing people to vote before the election. We offered that anyone who wanted to, could come join us drawing. Especially kids joined in, giving their parents a break to vote and also drawing in some parents, that had not gone to the library to vote, but now we got the chance to inform them that they could. We also promoted the project on social media in collaboration with the local council, which in itself was also a way of promoting the fact that you could mail-vote.