To mark the end of the 2022 Climate Caravan across Denmark, there was a protest on September 17th in front of the Danish parliament at Christiansborg in Copenhagen.

I participated with this creative happening in collaboration with a group of activists from Extinction Rebellion. I invented the character Woke Margrethe, as a satirical characted inspired by Queen Margereth II of Denmark.

The idea of Woke Margrethe is to imagine what would happen, if one day the Danish queen literally woke up and started taking climate activism seriously.

In her speech Woke Margrethe announced that she wanted to change the Danish laws and update our democracy to be based on citizens’ assemblies.

I created all the props for Woke Margrethe using recycled materials from other projects or found objects, such as a giant cigarette made from cardboard tubes, paint and textile fibers.

Below you can read the speech in full – in Danish: