I wrote this article about my artistic practise for the Danish Textile Guild’s magazine “Rapporter” for February 2020. The piece is in Danish and tells the story about how a weaving injury led me from working as a freelance weaver, to working as an artist doing mainly social projects in collaboration with others.

Selected as one of 10 socially responsible designers for this feature by Adorno in 2019. Excepts only. For full article please see: https://adorno.design/editorial/socially-responsible-design-10-designers-who-approach-social-experience-through-aesthetics/

An article in Arbejderen in 2019 about the happening #VærdigPsykiatriForAlle that I was a part of with my artpiece Folkets Flag (The People’s Flag). The aim of the happening was to get the politicians’ attention, because the psychiatric system in Denmark is suffering from a severe lack of funding. Link: https://arbejderen.dk/indland/happening-bedre-psykiatri

More articles about the event:



Thanks to journalist students Amalie Stephensen, Rikke Laursen Bjerg og Alice Paddison who conducted this interview about my art practise and why I choose to live and work in the Nordvest borough of Copenhagen. October 2019.

Article about my project Folk og flag (“peoples and flags”) from 2019 as written by The Danish Arts Council https://www.kunst.dk/kunstomraader/billedkunst/nyheder/2019/huskunstner-hejser-flaget-for-skoleboern/ and shared by the Danish national association for craft and design https://dkod.dk/nyhed-huskunstnerordningen-stinelinnemann/


Mention of my Re-Woven work in a longer article from May 2019 by curator Frida Cano which can be found here:  https://adorno.design/editorial/frida-cano-of-arttextum-guest-curates/

Flexwerker is a one-off magazine made in the summer of 2019 by the group an informal collective of precarious workers. The magazine both documents a series of workshops (of which I participated in a couple) as well as a varied collection of articles about the precarious working conditions of the modern culture and art business. For more information – or if you wish to join in on the action – find them on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FLEXWERKERNE/

Article in Danish in the local paper from June 2019, covering the launch of the Strit! project. 

Video about co-created the Strit! project from 2019 by Medieskolen Juno

Article in Gladsaxe Bladet about the Høje Gladsaxe Tapestry project I did with I Tråd Med Verden in the fall of 2018, which was presented to the public in January 2019: https://www.gladsaxebladet.dk/2019/01/gobelin-afsloeret/

A feature about my career as a textile designer in Sally’s a craft magazine by Hendes Verden, July 2018

In July 2018 I became a trader on Pamono, featured with this lovely bio. When I stopped trying to work as a lifestyle brand, I also stopped selling on Pamono, but they were kind enough to keep my bio up all the same: https://www.pamono.com/designers/stine-linnemann

In April 2018 I took part in a group exhibition to commemorate the victims of the Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh in 2013. The exhibition was organised by the Danish branch of the international NGO Fashion RevolutionHere is an article about it in Danish by NGO and investigative media DanWatch.

Column I wrote in March 2018 for DesignETC about social media and how creative practisioners can use it to communicate directly with their audience: https://designetc.dk/some-overfladisk-dilettantisme-ny-poetisk-forbindelse/

Column I wrote in November 2017 for DesignETC about the social and political responsibility of designers and how I used my creative skills to support a candidate in the local Copenhagen elections: https://designetc.dk/design-mening-valgkampen/

Feature about my gallery Adorno featuring me and curator Pil Bredahl in September 2017: https://borsen.dk/nyheder/virksomheder/ivaerksaettere-paa-millionjagt-til-markedsplads-for-design-1qsk4

Studio visit feature by Less Magazine in July 2017 http://lessmagazine.com/studio-visit-stine-linemann/

Video by Projektland documenting the Weaving Together project made in collaboration with Trine Lindegaard

In 2016 I was shortlisted for a Danish Design Award in the category Young Talent.

This video of me cutting some yarn off a cone back in 2016, ended up going viral and has been seen by literally millions of people around the globe. Many people were angered by the waste of yarn, and I agree! The only reason for cutting it, was that I was in a rush to get to the cardboard cone in the centre, to use on my winding machine, and this was a spare cone of an unidentified type of yarn I had lying around. At least it brought some joy and satisfaction to people to watch this waste in action but of course I would never recommend people to cut up perfectly good yarn for no good reason.




Danish article about my video that went viral as featured in the tabloid paper B.T. in August 2016: https://www.bt.dk/viralt/stine-havde-lidt-garn-tilovers-saa-gik-hun-viralt

 Article about the 3D Textiles collaboration with Marina Dragomirova at The Royal Danish Workshops in 2015: https://svfk.dk/project/3d-tekstiler

In 2015 I created a range of fair-trade certified fabric made in Ethiopia. The range was completely handspun and handwoven from locally sourced cotton. Here an article about it in an online Danish magazine for the fashion industry: https://branchebladettoj.dk/brands/mere-baeredygtighed-hos-stine-linnemann-studio/

In late 2014 Michelle Mousel wrote this lovely feature about my work as a freelance textile designer, for the USA-based magazine Runway.

Article in T Magazine by New York Times featuring group exhibition “If you were here you’d be home by now” which included some of my “Fractal Personalities” artpieces, October 2014: https://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/22/design-pop-up-los-angeles-tenoversix/

My graduate profile from 2013, when I finished my MA in Woven Textiles are Royal College of Art: https://www.rca.ac.uk/students/stine-linnemann/

If you are interested in more photographs of my graduate collection, you can also check out the profile Arts Thread made on me and my final collection af RCA: https://www.artsthread.com/portfolios/marca/

In 2011 I was headhunted for a freelance gig weaving showpieces for luxury high end fashion house Alexander McQueen, where I had previously interned. Danish website Fashion Forum wrote this feature about it [in Danish]: https://fashionforum.dk/2011/05/11/danske-studerende-headhuntet-til-alexander-mcqueen/