Stine Linnemann
My name is Stine Linnemann and I am running for a seat in the Copenhagen city council. Election date is November 16th 2021. My name will be on the list Rolig Revolution by the letter Z. Please see the red graphics further down on this page, to learn more about the campaign I’m running on.

Can you vote?
A lot more people can vote for the city council/municipal elections than most people realise! If you live in Copenhagen you can vote, if you are an EU citizern or come from one of the Nordic countries. If you are from other countries than these, you can vote once you have lived here for four years. Please spread the word! A lot are not aware that they can vote in these local elections, because they cannot vote in the national ones.

Rolig Revolution
Rolig Revolution roughly translates into a calm or easy-going revolution. It’s basically a play on words to say, that we are working to create change in the system, in a peaceful manner. Part of this project is the website for Rolig Revolution which is continually under development – check it out and please feel free to contact is, if you would like to contribute! The purpose is to work on making the Danish society even better, in terms of human diversity, sustainable change climate solutions and not least, defending and utilising our democracy.

I believe in leading by doing and as such, I am trying to show with my candidacy for the Copenhagen election, that while lobbyism and a toxic political culture has done much to undermine our democracy, we still have a pretty good system in place and options for making our voices be heard.

The best way to keep up to date on my candidacy is to follow these social media accounts:

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